2017 Monumental Marathon

I love going through the Arts Garden in the Monumental Marathon!!!  This is me at mile 19 in the 2017 Monumental Marathon

I typically don’t stop to take photos during a race because my competitive spirit says “keep running!!”

This year I took in the sights, sounds, bands, gave spectators high fives, read hilarious signs, ate Donuts, oranges and pretzels, talked to friends and THEN kept running!!

Was it hard to change my mindset for a race?? Absolutely!! ( insert a photo of my empty candy wrappers and beer bottles on my garbage for the last two weeks from my self pity party.???

Hey, I’m human.

I am proud to say that I did finish all 26.2 miles. It wasn’t easy. There were tears, borrowing volunteers clothes because I was crazy cold, jealousy for other runners that were keeping their normal pace and more tears from feeling defeated.

The truth is that I wasn’t defeated. I did the best I could with the circumstance that I had been given. I am so glad that I have photos like this to remind me that I just frick’n ran my entire town and took the time to enjoy the big and small moments.