Achieving Your Goals

Achieving Your Goals

In the past, whenever I set out to change my life for the better. I tended to get really fired up and tried to improve everything at once.

Have you ever done that? January would roll around and I’d be like “OK, I’m starting a diet and writing the next great blog and working on my marriage and I’m finally going to get my dog to stop pulling on the leash and my kids eating all my dinners!” And at first, I would kill it! But then life would happen and one ball would drop and then another and suddenly I was right back where I started only now I was beyond discouraged. The worst part was that whenever I failed to achieve my goals or gave up (again) I would mentally berate myself for not being able to achieve big things. It’s only now that I understand that it wasn’t that my goals were too big, it’s that there were too many.

Let me ask you this… What’s your dream? What’s your goal? What tugs at your heart strings? What’s the thing you’d really like to achieve this year, this month or even just before 5pm today? Are you trying to start a business, get a new job, improve your relationship with your family, lean into your Faith, improve your habits, eat more vegetables, get rid of an unhealthy habit, or step up your social media game? Now, take some time to reflect on your priorities each day. Are you actively taking steps to achieve your goal?

Here’s the truth about that woman you admire, the one you see jogging down the street every morning or fighting her way through a Master’s program online while holding down a day job and raising kids. That woman has the same 24 hours that you do, but she’s choosing to spend her hours on her dream… not on the excuses for why she can’t achieve it. I get that using the word excuses will probably tick some of you off. I also get that there are justifiable reasons why some of you might not be able to focus on your goal right now, but I want you to ask yourself if it’s truly justified or just a roadblock of your own making.

Whether it’s taking a new class on calligraphy cause you want to open up your own letter writing company or something as simple as pushing play on a new fitness program so that you can be the healthiest version of yourself you want to make sure you’re doing whatever you can to invest in completing that goal.

In my private online fitness accountability group we dig deeper into how to change the way we eat, how we think about food, how we live in community with other woman without competition, how to adopt a positive mindset or how to see and celebrate non-scale victories. We lean into each other, invite others to join us, learn tangible advice from a real people who have your best interest at heart so we all can achieve the incredible mind and body results that we deserve.  Join us to achieve your goals.