Are you standing in your own way from getting results?

Are you standing in your own way from getting results?


What’s standing in the way of getting the results you want? Well, usually, it’s you. When you decide to make yourself and your health top priority, working out in your living room, lunch break or while traveling suddenly becomes easier. You only have one body, so make it the best you can! Still, little excuses can sneak up on you. Here’s how to squash the 10 I hear most often.

1. “I don’t have time.” Make time. Schedule it and make it a priority. Plan ahead and put it on your calendar as an event that can’t be missed. Don’t have an hour? No worries—it only takes 10 minutes to make a difference. Try to do 10 minutes and then ask yourself how you feel and if you can give just a little more. When I do this at the beginning of a workout I typically end up finishing the entire program.

2. “Beachbody membership are too expensive.” With Beachbody On Demand there is no need for a gym and a gym can cost anywhere from $10.00 month to $100.00 a month!  Beachbody On Demand costs $8.00 a month.   Also, with a gym membership you are not getting nutrition support, an elite fitness trainer making sure you are working through your days in a way that makes sense for your goals and you most certainly don’t receive accountability and peer support to help you navigate life’s highs and lows.  And when the weather is nice, you can take your Beachbody On Demand workout outside.

3. “I don’t know what I’m doing.” Me and our entire Fitness Accountability group is here for you to help you find a program that meets your needs, likes and goals.  When you ask others, you are more thank likely to find someone else who is doing the same program so you do not have to go through on your own.

4. “I’m too out of shape.” This is a tough one. It can be hard when you feel too out of shape to get started but just know that all of us started from a place of not wanting to get started as well.  What if we don’t have the right clothes?  What if I looked funny?  What if I get out of breath. What if I fail?  You will only fail if you don’t start.  Getting started is the hardest part.  Be proud of the person you have become for saying “yes” to trying something new in your life so you can live a healthier lifestyle.

5. “I can’t commit.” Sign up! When you register for Beachbody On Demand and Shakeology, you’ve made the commitment, and not pushing play and drinking one healthy meal a day means that will now take on the negative self talk of “well, I guess I failed at following through on fitness again so I might as well not try that again!”  Don’t give yourself the thought of “I can’t.”  Start with the words “I can and I will” and your mind and body will follow. Also, when you make a commitment to our group I will notice when you’ve gone missing and I will check on you. ♥

6. “I don’t like exercising.” Exercise can be FUN! There is a workout format for everyone. Try out new and different a programs on Beachbody On Demand until you find your match—yoga, HIIT, cross Training, Piyo, Hip Hop Dancing, Country Dancing, Lifting Weights, Partner Workouts, Workouts with your Kids, Bootcamp style. There is something for everyone and every program has it’s own calendar to follow and eating plan when you click on the”Program Materials” tab once you open the program you are interested in.

7. “I lack motivation.”  Having a goal to train towards will push you to stay consistent. Training with a friend or group is another great way to stay motivated and consistent.  Invite a friend, family member or co-worker to join you.  Also, think about what motivates you?  Do you need an event to get ready for to feel excited.  Do you like the though of treating yourself to a simple “treat” at each milestone of your journey?  Do you want to avoid feeling like you do now or how you felt in the past?  Do you want to escape genetic disorders that can be managed with healthier ways of living?  Do you want to feel the confidence you once felt about yourself?  Do you want to fit into some clothes that are buried in your closet?  Do you want to set a good example for you and your kids?

8. “I’m too tired.” You might be feeling tired or lethargic due to a lack of movement in your life. It’s true—exercise releases endorphins, increases energy, and elevates your overall mood. Even just a little activity promotes the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your tissue and helps your heart work more efficiently. Which means, getting in a good sweat session might be exactly what you need!

9. “I look good enough.” Exercising is not just about aesthetics. Yes, getting fit can give you a toned physique, but the benefits of exercise go way beyond a tight body. Exercise reduces stress, improve your cardiovascular health, improve your mood, sleep better, and feel better. Even if you look “good enough” you can always feel better!

10. “I’m too old.” There is no such thing as too old to exercise. In fact, exercise keeps you youthful and mobile! No matter your age or physical condition, there is an appropriate workout for you. As we age weight-bearing exercises become super important to maintain bone mass, making modified strength training ideal. Other moderate activities, such Piyo or yoga, can feel really good on stiff, achy joints. Remember, all Beachbody On Demand workouts show a modifier that bring down the intensity of the workouts a notch (or two) so every move can be modified to fit the needs of everyone.