Best Finds When Shopping at Aldi’s -Grocery List Included

Best Finds When Shopping at Aldi’s – Grocery List Included

I hear all the time that eating homemade meals rather than fast food is expensive. I don’t believe that.
When I take my family of 5 to fast food, we pay anywhere from $50.00 – $80.00 for one meal. If I did that 3 times a week that would be my entire grocery bill that pays for our breakfast, lunch, and dinners for 7 or more days a week!!!
If you are trying to save money on healthy food, I recommend you try out Aldi. They do a great job of stocking healthier-for-you items, which is why so many nutritionists make it one of their go-to stores for stocking up their kitchen.
Here’s what I put in my Aldi cart.
1. Friendly Farms Vanilla Skyr Yogurt:
Yogurt is known for its protein, calcium, and probiotics, but it also can be a sneaky source of added sugar. This yogurt has the thickness of Greek yogurt but is much lower in added sugar than many flavored Greek yogurts.
2. Lemons
It may sound absurd that I make a trip to Aldi for lemons, but the price of their 2-pound bag can’t be beat! And lemons are one item I always have on hand for homemade salad dressings, cooking seafood, topping roasted veggies and for a fast, centerpiece when last-minute guests are coming over (just throw ‘em in a bowl!).
3. SimplyNature Organic Frozen Fruit:
It can be hard to stick to a healthy diet on a reasonable budget. Aldi’s organic frozen fruit is so affordable—and it also comes in easy to use resealable freezer bags. I love to add frozen fruit to bake goods, oatmeal, smoothies and on top of yogurt.
4. Simply Nature Seedtastic Bread:
This bread checks all my boxes: It’s hearty whole-grain with all the fiber and protein.
5. Canned Goods:
Keeping a well-stocked pantry is a simple way to ensure that I always have basic ingredients on-hand to make a nutritious meal, regardless of the season. Canned goods are often less expensive than their fresh counterparts, and because they are harvested when the food is in peak season, they lock in fresh flavor and peak nutrition. Prices of canned goods at Aldi can’t be beat.
6. Elevation by Millville Apple Pie Bar:
Granola bars are another sneaky source of added sugar, so I’m always searching for ones with the least amount of added sugar possible. I always aim for less than 10g of total sugar per bar if fruit isn’t the main ingredient. If a bar has over 10g sugar, I look for fruit—such as dates—to be the first ingredient and no added sugars—such as syrup or honey—whatsoever. This bar fits my criteria; dates are the first ingredient, nuts are second, and there’s no added sugar. Plus, one bar also has 5g of real fiber!
7. LiveGFree Brown Rice Pasta:
Although I do not eat exclusively gluten-free, I love that Aldi caters to people with food intolerances at a reasonable price. Plus, I love mixing up my diet and when pasta is for dinner, brown rice pasta is one way to do that. Best of all, unlike some other gluten-free pasta, in this one, the only ingredient is brown rice flour.
8. Specially Selected House Vinaigrette:
This dressing is so delicious and makes any salad or vegetable taste fantastic. It’s also a great marinade for meats. They don’t have it all the time, so buy a few when you see it!
9. Park Street Deli Hummus Mini Cups:
Hummus is a go-to at our house!  Aldi’s mini cups are the perfect size, and also they typically have a variety of flavors, Roasted Red Pepper, Plain, even Chocolate.
10. Simply Nature Kids Squeezable Fruit Blends:
This is the best price you will find on squeezable fruit packs. They are delicious and my kids love them for on-the-go snacks!
11. Unsweetened Almond Milk
Friendly Farms Almond milk is often at $2.49 or less at Aldi, which is great buy. It can be over a dollar more at many other stores. They also offer SimplyNature Organic Soymilk for a similar price and occasionally they carry coconut milk as well.
Here is my typical Aldi grocery list:
Dry Beans and Grains:
Dry grains ( jasmine rice, brown rice, quinoa)
dry beans (black, pinto white, garbanzo)
Pasta(The gluten-free, rice, and organic)
old fashioned oats
sprouted bread
Nuts and Seeds:
flaxseed meal
chia seeds
sliced almonds
whole almonds, cashews, peanuts
sunflower seeds
Canned Goods:
canned beans (black, garbanzo, navy beans, kidney beans)
canned tomato paste
canned pumpkin
canned fire-roasted tomatoes
100% maple syrup
cocoa powder
spices (Simply Nature organic)
baking soda
apple cider vinegar
white vinegar
pitted dates
vanilla (Stone Mill)
olive oil
coconut oil
avocado oil
organic sugar
Pantry/ Sauces & Condiments:
jarred artichoke hearts
jarred olives (score if I can find feta stuffed olives)
jarred banana peppers
jarred jalepeno peppers
mustard (dijon and yellow)
organic ketchup
jam/fruit spread (Specialty Selected)
organic free-range broth
marinara sauce
peanut butter and nut butters (no added sugar or oils)
Fruits and Vegetables:
All produce (Fruit and avocados are especially great prices at Aldi. There is even a growing organic section.)
frozen fruit
frozen cauliflower rice
frozen corn
frozen mixed vegetables
frozen broccoli
frozen asparagus
frozen peas
all-fruit popsicles
frozen seafood (salmon, flounder, shrimp, scallops)
Meat and Eggs:
eggs (Free Range or organic)
bacon (“Never Any” brand)
lunch meat (“Never Any” brand is decent)
chicken sausages (Never Any brand)
Friendly Farms 32 oz Plain Greek Yogurt
Unsweetened almond milk
Butter (Any is fine. If you like Kerrygold it’s a great price here.)
Cheese (There are lots of options)
applesauce (Simply Nature unsweetened)
applesauce fruit squeezes
dark chocolate (Look for the 70-80% dark.)
tortilla chips (Simply Nature organic)
fruit strips (Simply Nature)
freeze-dried fruit
hummus (Park Street Deli)
Live GFree cookies and snacks
dried pineapple, mangos and apricots
La Croix
What do you stock up on at Aldi’s?