Choose to love yourself and those around you

I’m learning more and more that how we talk to and treat ourselves really matters.

On good days, when life is humming along, I don’t take much note of my inner monologue. However, when I make a mistake or best laid plans go sideways, I find I can become my own worst enemy and harshest critic that can last for a couple of days.

This my friends is an emotional hangover and sometimes they last for hours, days, weeks or even years. To cure an emotional hangover I have realized that we need to give ourselves advice just like you would give to a friend.

Repeat after me …

Some days are more difficult than others and some days you’re tired from nights of not sleeping well, and others you’re on top of the world.

Some days the luck of the day breaks your way, and some days it feels like a pile of rocks has been dumped on your shoulders. Through it all, you’re the same person. You’re you.

No matter what circumstances you find yourself in, remember to be kind to yourself. There is only so much that you can control about the day, the week, and, at a greater level, your life. Be a friend to yourself.

There are so many other things that can drag you down—don’t be one of them.

Surround yourself with people who share light and love with the world, and share it with them too.

Take a breath. Remember you’re strong, you’re kind, you’re brave, and you have the resiliency you need to tackle whatever lies ahead.

And in most cases, you don’t have to do it alone.

It’s OK to lean on others for strength and support–burdens are much lighter when the weight can be shared.

Choose to love yourself and to love those around you.

And at the end of the day, if that’s all you’ve done, you will have succeeded in what is ultimately the most important thing of all.

After you read these words do you realize that you are much harsher on yourself than you would ever be to anyone else?

I encourage you to shift your perspective and instead of continuing to beat yourself up, resolve to give yourself grace and permission to move on.

You’re just as worthy of love as everyone else around you.