Cold Weather Gear

Don’t let the cold weather freeze your workout routine. The following advice will help you heat up and get moving during the winter months.
Try these 10 tips to help you run and work out effectively:
1. Avoid Cotton. This is true for any condition, but worth restating. Wear clothes made from synthetic, wicking fibers. Many brands, like Nike, carry plenty of options for your running wardrobe.
3. Watch for Ice. Slipping on ice can cause injury, like a pulled muscle. Get traction aids to attach to your shoes if ice is a significant problem.
4. Wear a Hat and Gloves. A hat and gloves keep you warm when chilly. But, if you get too hot, you can easily tuck them in your waist band.
5. Use Petroleum Jelly. Spread petroleum jelly over your hands and feet before putting on your socks or gloves to improve insulation. It sounds a little strange, but it works very well and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.
6. Wear Sunglasses. This might sound strange, but not only do sunglasses protect your eyes, they can also help keep your eyes warm and reduce how runny your nose gets.
7. Warm Up Inside. Often the first mile is extremely difficult because your body hasn’t started to produce sufficient heat to offset the cold. To make the most out of your runs, warm up inside for 10 minutes. Run up and down stairs or jump rope to get your body warm.
8. Start Into the Wind. If it’s windy, start your run into the wind so that on the way back, you won’t freeze due to sweating.
9. Protect the Front. Wear tights and a top that are thicker and/or windproof on the front. This will provide warmth while preventing overheating.
10. Stay in the Light. Don’t run in the dark, cold alleys. Stay near well-lit pathways, preferably with other runners.