Clean Week

Clean Week is a 7-day fitness and nutrition program designed to help you get a feel for Beachbody’s comprehensive solution. Clean Week will help you kick-start healthy habits that get real results and can lead to a lifestyle change that sticks! With Clean Week you get 4 workouts, a step-by-step meal planner, and a week’s supply of delicious Shakeology.In just one week of clean eating, daily Shakeology, and simple workouts on, you can begin to create new healthy habits and routines. As you start to feel better—and maybe even lose a few pounds—you will be able to see and feel value of committing to the total solution of Fitness + Nutrition + Support. Start living the healthy new lifestyle you want in just 7 days – with Clean Week.

What is included with Clean Week?

  • 4 Workouts with Beachbody On Demand: The 30-minute workouts focus on the foundations of fitness—Cardio, Strength, Core Function, and Flexibility—to create a well-rounded fitness program for any level.
  • Access to a Private Accountability Group for Peer Support: You will have you me as your private Coach to give you the support, motivation, and accountability you need to be successful. That’s what makes Beachbody so unique—a strong support system.
  • Meal Plan: The step-by-step guide to clean eating for the week—including delicious recipes for meals and Shakeology—with no deprivation! You  will learn how to plan your meals, shop for healthy food, and prep food in advance so they’ll be ready for every meal all week long.
  • Nutrition (your choice of):  7 days of Shakeology—the superfood protein shake formulated with antioxidants, phytonutrients, prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and other key ingredients.
    It provides the “missing link” to healthy nutrition that you don’t normally get from a typical diet, and can help you lose weight, support healthy energy, and benefit their overall health.
    You have your choice of:
    • 7-Day Shakeology Sampler: 2 Chocolate, 2 Vanilla, 2 Café Latte, 1 Strawberry
    • 7-Day Vegan Shakeology Sampler: 2 Vegan Chocolate, 2 Vegan Vanilla, 2 Vegan Cafe Latte, 1 Tropical Strawberry


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