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What Does it Mean to be part of the Beachbody Team?

A Coach can wear many hats and be considered many things in life but the NUMBER ONE thing I believe that rings true is a passionate about changing their life and the lives of others. A Beachbody coach leads people in the right direction with their health and fitness as well as goals and dreams.


There are a few really common misconceptions that I hear all the time and I wanted to address them!


Do I need to be at my goal weight and done with my journey?


Beachbody coaching actually happens more fluidly and authentically when you are on your own journey and asking others to come along side of you. Think about it… relatable is perfection? I would not be motivated by somebody who proclaimed to have it all together and have the perfect/ideal body they always wanted. I want to know that the person leading me is also struggling, needing motivation and creating new goals for themselves so that I can do better WITH them.


Do I have to be a business WIZ?
No, a lot of people are really scared at first!! Saying things like “how would i get people to join my team?” OR “How would I get in touch with people” OR ” I don’t even think I have a market!” ….The MOST beautiful thing about it is that your upline coach (hopefully me) is available to help you navigate the things you don’t know. Also, too many coaches over complicate it. Nobody needs fancy graphics, a website, You Tube Channel and to have the latest and greatest social media platforms figured out. The people that follow you are going to be the people that like your particular niche that you are comfortable with. Find one thing you can do well and go with it. I started coaching without ever using any social media. I didnt even have a Facebook account. I was at square 1 when it came to “business tools” and that was ok because I started helping others by the simple act of real face to face conversations and then I grew from there. Also, Beachbody and our team offers tons of training’s, documents for this very reason! Some of the TOP COACHES in the BIZ (we are talking millionaires people) have created the wheel and they pass it down to us because this business is all about teamwork, not competition. No need to reinvent the wheel, unless you want to. 🙂


Do I need to be a certified personal trainer or nutrition BUFF?
No! Have you heard of Shaun T? Tony Horton? Autumn Calabrese? Chalene Johnson? Well, in case you have not these are the CELEBRITY TRAINERS that Beachbody has hired to get our bodies in shape! They are THE BEST OF THE BEST! These personal trainers inspire your customers when they “push play”. The workouts also come with specific calendars that have been tested and re-tested to produce the highest results possible for your and your challengers to take the guesswork out of “what do I do next?”. To make life even easier for you every fitness program comes with a easy to follow nutrition plan that has been created by the top nutritionist in the world. So NO, you don’t need to know this stuff, you just need to follow it and be available to your customers if they have any questions. Be on the journey with them to inspire, motivate, energize and keep them working towards their goals and you will be exactly what makes an amazing coach…someone who helps others.


Now that we have addressed some of the most common misconceptions read through these benefits. Do any of these sound good to you? Do all of them sound good to you? Yup, me too.


So now I bet you are thinking …SERIOUSLY?!?! That sounds and looks amazing!


Yes, that is what I am trying to tell you! But most people cant see it at first because our BRAINS ARE TRAINED to go to school, spend thousands getting a degree, then work in that job for YEARS behind a desk until you GET TO retire. ALAS, there IS a better way!


All of the benefits above are real and true. In the beginning I made (on average) between $50 – $100.00 A WEEK in my first 6 months with Beachbody. Ask yourself, how much would an extra $400.00 dollars a month help you and your family? For me it paid for my gas and groceries that were always a struggle to pay for because we lived paycheck to paycheck. Now it feels so good to have control over our financial situation and to be able to move forward with my earnings with the more people I help. Are you saving for an extra special vacation? a new pair of shoes? College education for your kids? Kids sports and extracurricular activities? Are you like I was and struggling every month to pay the electric bill and just don’t have any money left over when all is said and done? With a job that can create financial freedom all on your own time comes all of these benefits and more! The sky is the limit!


The best part is there is NO OBLIGATION. Most of the time when you sign up for an opportunity like this, there is a time commitment. But not with Beachbody. You could sign up as a coach and then cancel the very next day if you wanted to. There is no penalty! No inventory to pre-purchase. No shipping to take care of. No parties to host. No orders to fulfill. All this is taken care of for you. All you need to do is invite others, care for others and be on a journey with them.


Now lets talk about different KINDS of coaches! YES, there are different kinds!!! Let me elaborate:


1. “Preferred Customer” OR DISCOUNT COACH:
This is someone who LOVES the products and is going to keep ordering them but doesn’t want to be a coach! NO PROBLEM! You get everything at 25% off for LIFE without any obligation to do anything. All your products from Beachbody will be 25% off NO MATTER WHAT.


Here is how the savings breaks down:


Customer: Shakeology (retail with tax and shipping) = $142.00


Coach: Shakeology (with tax and shipping) = $106.42


(add in the required monthly fee of $17.07 which provides you with your own 25% off shop and website) = $123.49)


That is a savings of $18.51 per month which adds up to $222.12 a year!!! (I’ll take an extra $222.00 in my account any day)


Also, because you are a “coach” (either a preferred customer, hobby or working coach) you get to write off all of your Beachbody purchases on your taxes 🙂 🙂 🙂 Extra refund?…YES PLEASE!!!


**Remember you also get 25% off EVERYTHING on the website.. including programs, apparel, etc…  


2. “Hobby Coach”:
This is someone who doesn’t want to make it full time thing but loves the products and how they affect their life and wants to make a little extra FUN MONEY from telling people what they are doing to look and feel so awesome! Who doesn’t want an extra $200 bucks in their bank account every month ? I KNOW I DO!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!


3. The “Business Building” coach:
Someone who wants to take it to THE TOP and make a significant income for themselves and their family and help others as a full time job. Yes, your “job” is helping people for a living!


The awesome part of being on a team is that we are exactly that, a Team! We never compete with each other.  We support and encourage each other every step of the way.  Selling is never encouraged.  On Team Ablaze, we share, listen, encourage and motivate others to join us on the journey of living our best lives.  We lead with integrity and heart.  We listen to other’s needs for health, fitness and accountability and we find a solution that works for them.  


I would be honored for you to join me and the other amazing people on Team Ablaze that are igniting the world one life at a time.