Just Show Up

When you show up, LIKE SERIOUSLY SHOW UP to parties, get togethers, weddings, reunions, Church events, girls night outs, date nights, classes, seminars and daily life your mind will take you places that it has never been to before.

When you engage with others, live in community with a tribe, hug your friends, listen intently, ask questions, take notes and live with passion to keep reaching for living your best life, everything changes for the better.

To you this looks like a workout photo ? but to me this is a photo of me punching my way back from NOT SHOWING UP TO ANYTHING for most of my adult life. Especially when my 3 girls were toddlers all under the age of 4 #hotmess ?

This is me with goals. This is me with a tribe of positive people surrounding me. This is me helping others. This is me not dwelling on a number on the scale but rather the number of lives changed through my actions. This is me getting up and showing up for LIFE!!

If you have NEVER experienced what it feels like to be surrounded by a positive culture who’s #1 goal is to have you emerge out of a shell and live your best life as a strong, courageous woman full of self worth after unraveling all your layers, then this is the place you need to SHOW UP TO.

My private group is the place for you to start to feel like yourself again. Maybe this is the first time you start a health and wellness journey. Maybe this is the first time you say “yes” to you. Maybe this is the first time you started thinking about who you are buried beneath the stress and busy of life. Don’t worry. We all started in my group as a “first timer” so we know where you are coming from and we are here to SHOW UP with you.

“If we didn’t meet our goals yet then everyday is day #1”….your in good company!?

Pause for a moment. Stop scrolling. Think about your goals. Think about who you want to be. Think of what you want out of life. Think about the changes in your relationships that you would like to see and know that I am waiting for you to simply SHOW UP.?