My Journey

How I Became a Coach

My journey to become a Beachbody Coach comes from a place of healing. Yes, I lost 25 lbs from Piyo and Shakeology, but for me my biggest transformation has been mentally. When I gave myself 30 minutes a day to push play and decided to drink one shake a day, my life started to change on a cellular level. I was in a deep depression after my daughter was hit by a vehicle 3 years ago and without the help of Beachbody’s fitness programs, nutritional support and mentors in my accountability group, I would still be in that dark place. After 3 weeks into my program I noticed that I was feeling like a new person, but when friends and family started commenting that I had the light back in my eye, I knew that I had found myself again and I owed it all to Beachbody. To me, becoming a coach meant nothing more than paying forward all the joy that I have found in life again and letting others know that they are worth the effort.