New Year Mental Tweaks

Mentally Set Yourself Up for a Happy New Year!

As we begin to set our hopes on everything the New Year can bring, it is wise to reflect on the current year as it comes to a close. If you ask yourself the following questions before the ball drops, the answers will help lead you to a year of improvement, achievement, and consistent motivation.

1. What were your top three favorite moments of the year? 

Whether you go old school and write them down on a piece of paper, or view them via your instagram or Facebook account, identify three successful and happy moments you experienced during the year.

One of my favorite moments this year was …

What were your favorite moments this year? Take time to honor and celebrate the positive moments this year. Let the energy carry you forward in a positive way into the New Year.

2. What were my challenges this year? 

As you review your year, it’s also wise to invest time on the things that may have challenged you. These are the things we don’t like thinking about, but when we do, we can more easily learn and grow from them, and more gracefully forward.

One of my challenges this year was …

Our challenges often lead us to discovery and growth. Sometimes we learn to go with the flow or shift our goals.  Sometimes knowing that we got through a time that was challenging is enough to let us know that we don’t have to be as anxious if something in the future does not go our way. This new mindset allows for a significant life change that will carry you into the New Year a little less fearful of the unknown and ready to take on something new and outside your comfort zone.

Whether it be about fitness, nutrition or life, our challenges can be our greatest guide.

3. What inspires me now? 

The final question is meant to reflect on what inspires you now. This is the perfect time to write down three things you think you want to achieve in the new year and then let them percolate to see if they stick. Sometimes the ego can get involved when goal setting process happens, but a goal that truly motivates you, will do so today, and for days and weeks to come.

Write them down, post them on your fridge, and see if you’re still jazzed about it two weeks from now. If not, continue to seek out something that inspires you. Take your time. It may be weeks before something comes to you and that is okay. It may be that you try yoga on the weekends, go a little harder with your workouts, and start biking, include your spouse or a friend in your fitness routine.  What will be your new inspiration?

So what did you accomplish this year? What could I have done better? And my favorite… what will I do this NEXT year to be a better version of myself? This is the time where you really sit down and plan out your goals, dreams, and plan of action. Go ahead and write down, print them out and put them in a pretty frame in your workout space so you have all the mental tools you need right in front of you to help you get to YOUR BEST SELF IN 2019!

Happy New Year!