Overcoming Fear

There is a DISEASE that everyone should be SCARED of. It is something that is freaking RAMPANT in our society. And its KILLING our spirits, dreams and any chance we have to be our best selves. It’s called “Fear of Failure” and it is BEATEN into us from childhood.

Think about it. When you are a child did you ever question trying something new? As babies we all tried to walk even though when we failed we would hit the ground? Or do you ever NOT try the cartwheel in gymnastics class because you know hitting your head will hurt? NO. EVERYONE is falling around you and you just GO FOR IT until you get it! But then you go to school and your taught if you get a F on your paper, your life is over and we spend the rest of our adult lives avoiding the prospect of failure LIKE THE PLAGUE.

NOWADAYS if you don’t “succeed” the first time at trying something new then to everyone else’s eyes, you’re a FAILURE.

But what IS a failure? Seriously, try and define it for yourself. Is it not getting into the college of your dreams? Is it changing your major in college 3 times? Is it calling off an engagement 4 weeks before your wedding? Is it being the last one to start a family among your peers? Is it not having enough is a savings account to assist you when the economy is bad and your income is low? I hope not because I have done THEM ALL and at the time I assumed I was a faliure. DO YOU GUYS THAT FOLLOW ME think I’m a failure? Because by conventional definitions, I MOST CERTAINLY AM!

But something CRAZY happened after each one of those things…. I picked myself UP and started again until I got it right. NOT RIGHT by societies definition… RIGHT by MY definition. And each one of those things POINTED me in this direction… TODAY.

NOW think about all the things you never did because you were “afraid to fail” and think about WHAT IF you tried those things and you succeeded? Would your life look different? Would it look better?

Failure is not defined by our terms. Failure in our eyes is defined by what others will think of us. Failure is in the eye of the beholder. We are scared of failing for others!!! What is that all about? Why??

This FEAR of disappointing others or caring what they think of us is what holds us back as adults to really GO FOR SOMETHING.

THINK about YOUR FITNESS AND NUTRITION for example. You don’t want to try 100% because you are SCARED to fail, right? But WHAT IS failure to you?

It helps me if I can LIST out the worst case scenario so that I can logically tell myself those are SILLY fears that have been drilled into my brain from childhood.

#1- Worst thing that can happen is: I get a fitness program for myself and get some good results but not what I dreamed about.

#2- What if I stop working out? Ok, you start again and reflect on WHY you stopped so it does not happen again.

#3- What if I don’t reach my goal in the amount of time I gave myself? The only place you are going is FORWARD so at least you are further than you would have been!

#4 – What if I have friends or family that question my new lifestyle and I appear “different” to them? Good, you want to appear different to them but the change is a good thing, not a bad thing. Change is always scary but if your change is for a positive outcome for your life and the lives of those you care for then you have nothing to FEAR.

What is one thing you FEAR with this journey and now that you think about it through the eyes of a bigger picture, it is actually a self-inflicted fear and you need to work on getting to the other side of it???