Sensuously sweet and utterly delicious, Chocolate Shakeology is the ultra-premium superfood health supplement shake that puts a world of healthy ingredients into every glass.


Vanilla Shakeology gets its delicious creamy flavor from pure, ethically-sourced, organic vanilla beans grown in remote Madagascar. Every glass is exotically delicious!


Bursting with mouthwatering and succulent strawberry flavor, this delicious whey protein–based shake is rich, sweet, fruity, and smooth. Very, very smooth!


Packed with mouthwatering fruit and healthy greens in our improved Greenberry Shakeology is a nutritional powerhouse that is filled with the taste of the tropics!


It’s called tropical for a reason. That’s because this reinvented vegan shake is packed with more tangy pineapple and sweet guava flavors than ever.


Now you can reawaken the rich, centuries-old flavor of artisanal chocolate—AND treat your body to a superfood-packed supplement that’s 100% vegan, soy-free, and dairy-free.


Rich, robust, and creamy Café Latte Shakeology is formulated with Whole Coffee Fruit*, a new superfood powerhouse native to regions of Mexico and India. Savor the delicious coffee flavor with only 25% of the caffeine you’d typically get from an 8 oz. cup o’ Joe.

Vanilla Vegan Shakeology

There’s absolutely nothing “vanilla” about this dairy-free shake. Because its flavor is so full-bodied it’s perfect on its own. Or because vanilla is a neutral base, you can make this shake taste like anything, and we mean ANYTHING, your heart (or taste buds) desires.

Café Latte Vegan Shakeology

This delicious dairy-free powerhouse is made with whole coffee fruit—a coveted superfood native to the regions of Mexico and India. And you’ll only be hyped-up on its flavor.


Shakeology 7 Day Sampler

Can’t decide which flavor to buy? Try them all!

  • 1 Chocolate, 1 Vanilla, 1 Strawberry, 1 Greenberry, 1 Tropical Strawberry Vegan, 1 Chocolate Vegan, and 1 Cafe Latte


30-Day Supply Bag

All Shakeology flavors are available in an economical bag containing a 30-day supply. Keep it on hand in your kitchen and whip up a tasty, healthy shake any time of day. You can choose a single Shakeology flavor, or alternate flavors for added variety from month to month.


Shakeology Convenience Pack

This pack contains 24 single servings of your favorite Shakeology flavors, perfect for busy people on-the-go. Keep packets in your car, office desk, luggage, and gym bag—it mixes up quickly and easily so you never have to be tempted by unhealthy food options. Select one flavor, or mix it up with a combo pack containing up to three deliciously satisfying flavors.

Options with Convienience Packs:

Vegan Barista Combo Pack: 8 packets each of Vegan Chocolate, Vanilla and Cafe Latte

Vegan Triple Combo  Pack: 8 packets each of Vegan Chocolate, Vanilla and Tropical Strawberry

Vegan Chocolate and Vanilla  Pack: 12 packets of Vegan Chocolate and Vegan Vanilla

Regular Neapolitan Combo Pack: 8 packets each of Regular Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry

Regular Chocolate and Vanilla Pack:  12 packets of Regular Chocolate and Regular Vanilla

Regular Barista Combo Pack:  8 packets each of Regular Chocolate, Vanilla and Cafe Latte