Stay on Track While Traveling

How to stay on track with your health & fitness while traveling

Memorial Day is the official kick off to summer! Barbecues, pool parties and travel are likely on your agenda, both now and for the next few months — but the idea of getting out of your food and fitness routine starts might stress you out.  I get it, seriously.  I’ve been there. I used to get SO stressed when I was “off” my routine during summer trips to the lake.  But with age and experience does come wisdom.  I have learned, Memorial Day is just ONE weekend. It is just food.  Let’s not get too worked up about it. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, but what has helped me tremendously is to have  a PLAN with some built in flexibility. The more we plan ahead and have ALL the tools in our toolbox, the more  we can enjoy our holiday weekend (or summer vacation) without the guilt or derailing our hard work.

Pack Your food

There is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying some of the treats at the cookout, but there is also nothing wrong with bringing your own staples.
These are must-haves…

Water  – SmartWater, is my jam! You can purchase a bottle yourself  and keep refilling it or simply pack a refillable water bottle. Staying hydrated helps us stay on track and keep cravings at bay. I’m loving my 2B mindset water bottle, it’s a big daddy, 30 oz. It’s an easy way to make sure I’m getting enough water each day…rule of thumb is to drink 1/2 our weight in ounces of water each day.  Legit, I never leave the house without water and rarely consume drinks with calories.   If I am tired of plain water I typically have the Crystal Light Pure single serving packs on hand to add some flavor to my water without adding sugar or calories. This habit helps me stay on track no matter where I am.

Shakeology  – I like to travel with the 7 day individual packets of Shakeology or your can order a 24 variety pack of Vegan Chocolate, Cafe Latte and Vanilla or the 24 variety pack of Vegan Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry but you can also simply scoop out single servings into ziploc baggies.  I usually bring my Power Greens to put in my shake – extra veggies and fiber when traveling is a must. My mini electric Oster blender usually makes it into my suitcase too.

Beachbars – These healthy snack bars are great to have in your bag at any time for a healthy on-the-go bite. They have 10g of protein and only 5-6 grams of sugar…and they are really freaking delicious.  There seriously should be a warning on label for their awesomeness, because you might be tempted to eat the entire box at once!!

Bring a healthy dish to share – Just because it is a cookout doesn’t mean you have to bring a bag of chips or a heavy dip. Bring something you’d like to eat…a fresh salad, a fruit plate, some veggies and hummus. You won’t be the only one eating that deliciousness…most folks WANT to be healthy and fit, often they just lack the tools or confidence to DO it.   Be the person that helps others feel good and stay on track.

Pack your workouts

One of the best ways to stay on track while traveling is to KEEP MOVING! When we work out we are more likely to make better food choices. Thanks to Beachbody on Demand making fitness non-negotiable  is easier than ever! Simply pull up your workouts on your laptop, iPad or phone and press play! Worried about not having wifi? No problem! You can actually download some workouts directly to your device before you leave home. Simply click on the “down arrow” next to your desired program and store up to 7 programs at a time!  Cool, right? So really…the guess work is gone and the opportunity for excuses is gone…guess we’ll all have to just lace up and make it happen right?

Pack some Grace

Last but not least, grant yourself some grace.

This one is often the most challenging for most of us. With some simple mindset shifts that I will be honing in on with my 2B Mindset group I am learning that it is possible to be healthy and stay on track while enjoying life, family and travel at the same time.  Put it this way…..when we get to the end of our lives, chances are we won’t say we wish we would have eaten more carrots and celery.  We will probably think about how we should have created more experiences with our families, said yes more often, taken better care of ourselves so we had more energy to play and run and ENJOY life.

So do that when you travel.    ENJOY life.  And YES that means living our healthiest life, physically AND mentally.  Perhaps that means going for a walk or run or doing yoga in a beautiful new location.  It may also mean occasionally having the cookie.  If we focus on living our healthiest life, most everything evens out in the wash.

So relax, have fun, enjoy  time with family. We don’t have to be perfect – we just have to be human.

The best version of ourselves that we can be.