There is Greatness in All of Us

There is greatness in all of us!

I used to sit back and listen to the soundtrack in my mind telling myself that life was too hard for me to keep up or to elevate to anything more than what I was .

I was too tired. I was just a mom. I was overweight. I was dependent on others for happiness. I was ok with settling for average. I didn’t have the drive to be a leader. I was not smart enough. I was not social enough. I was not articulate enough. I hit rock bottom and would be ok coasting until the end.

My job as a Health and Wellness coach changed all of that and somewhere along my journey I started playing a new soundtrack.

Now I live out loud. I live authentically. I live to help others. I live to learn more. I live to grow more. I live to better my health. I live to leave a legacy. I live to relish in relationships. I live to make strangers my tribe. I live to make my tribe my family. I live to find joy among the sorrow. I live to make decisions wisely, humbly and with intention.

Today was FILLED with this new soundtrack playing loud!!

This week was filled with Personal Development from an amazing Diamond Mastermind Group with my mentor, Julie Voris and the rest of my awesome teammates. These people teach me me that no matter what path I am on there is always a next step and a new direction that can change the trajectory of my life. The decision is always mine and yours. Which direction do you choose?

I got to teach Piyo outdoors at the beautiful Clay Terrace to represent Inner You and meet tons of new friends. I used to be scared to talk in public let alone put a mic on and instruct others. Somewhere along my journey I stopped being scared to do what I had a passion for and now I get to enjoy nights like this. Getting trained is one thing, actually teaching it is another. Thank you Jennifer Huntington Jones and Melanie Ajdaharian Sturgis for believing in me and for making my job so fun and gratifying and for trusting me with the mic ?❤️

On my morning runs when I see a beautiful sunrise I realize that this world is sooo much bigger than all my fears. My mind, heart and life are on a path that I never saw coming but I am so glad I took a chance to get out of my own way and lean in towards this beautiful joy filled life. Jumping over the fear is always worth it.

I encourage you to join me in Living my Best Life. My private group would love to have you with us. Perfection is never required. Only a desire to want more out of life.

Message me so we can connect and get you started after this long Holiday weekend. Just imagine what September could look like for you if your fears were removed and you simply leaned into Joy.