Zero Calorie Socialization

I admit that in the early days of my attempts at weight loss, the non-stop holiday parties, office popcorn tins and “once a year” foods created a bit of anxiety.

I have a Free Food, Eat Food mentality that comes from years of being taught not to waste and to be frugal. So heck yes, I was going to enjoy all that unnaturally yellow popcorn and the chocolate truffles floating around the break room.

Over the past 2 years I have learned to actively work to spend time with people NOT around food. It might be our conditioned way to bond, but it’s not the only way…and perhaps not even the best way. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by food obligations, let’s change the story!

non-food celebration ideas – Enjoy your company without worrying about calories – it’s call zero calorie socialization!!

The importance of social connections cannot be overlooked in our total health package.
Did you know multiple studies have shown those with the greatest connections live longer {and healthier} lives?

Remember food is not LOVE. We’ve created a lot of events and celebrations centered around food and created a connection in our minds that is untrue, so be aware of this creeping up on you and remember that relationships is what a celebration is all about and that is where you find love.


Here are 20 ideas to remove the table and connect more with your friends:

  1. Take a walk {yes seriously people still do this}.
    A recent study showed that when speaking while side by side we feel less afraid to share emotions than when staring directly at someone.
  2. Join a boot camp class or agree to try a P90X together, so you’re creating another healthy lifestyle friend.
  3. Invite people to your place where you can control the food and bust out Twister.
  4. Encourage friends to do a 5K with you, they’ll need a training partner
  5. Checkout a free yoga class – Lululemon, Athleta and others often do a free weekly class.
  6. Embrace nature! Hike, build a snowman, try snow shoeing, ice skate, just get outside.
  7. Head to the dog park or go volunteer at a shelter.
  8. Play it out – be a kid at the park playing Frisbee or attempting the monkey bars.
  9. Go old school with putt-putt golf or bowling.
  10. Find sand volleyball courts for an afternoon or find an open gym at a YMCA or school.
  11. Try something entirely new to you like tennis or fencing. Learning together forms amazing bonds.
  12. Join an adult sports league like soccer, kickball or softball.
  13. Hit the spa for mani’s and pedi’s (can’t eat with wet nails!)
  14. Help with home projects. One weekend paint their living room, the next clean your attic.
  15. Dance party!!! Whether you head out for a girls night or just pull out some Wii games, music is a massive mood booster.
  16. Catch a funny movie (laughing for just over an hour burns 100 calories!)
  17. Organize a game night and make the focus the fun with light snacks.
  18. Have you been to a concert lately? The theater? Go rock out to Adele or be in awe with Cirque.
  19. Get crafty: make holiday gift baskets together or try a painting class.
  20. Heading to the pool or beach or waterpark? Don’t just layout, play!